Iluppai Poo Samba

Iluppai Poo Samba
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lluppai Poo Samba is a Pearl or brown color rice is known for its medical/health benefits. The rice gets its name from the fragrance of the iluppai poo ( mahua flowers) that its flowers emanate. It is a light greenish variety it is fine and small grained rice. Illupai poo samba rice is mildly fragrant rice with healing properties and very soft to eat. It is raw and milled rice, best suited for porridge or any rice based food items.

    • This rice is particularly good for anyone under treatment or needs general immunity support/boost.
    • Prevents Paralysis
    • Treats Rheumatism Arthritis
    • Controls diabetes
    • Cures Swelling joint pains
Crop Duration Iluppai Poo samba is a medium duration ( 130 to 144 days)
Colour White
Crop Season August to January


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