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Kalanamak is a rare and very old variety of rice that has been growing in India for centuries.Black rice is a good source of iron, vitamin E, and antioxidants. The bran hull (outermost layer) of black rice contains one of the highest levels of anthocyanins found in any food

    • Kalanamak rice is rich in micro-nutrients such as Ironand Zinc. Therefore, having this rice is said to prevent diseases borne out of Ironand Zinc deficiencies.
    • It is said that regular intake of Kalanamak rice can prevent Alzheimer's disease.
    • The rice contains antioxidants such as anthocyninwhich is useful in preventing heart disease and also helps in improving the health of the skin. 
    • It is rich in Iron and Zinc which are macronutrients and prevent Vitamin Deficiency.
    • It has also been found helpful in regulating blood pressure and blood-related problems.
Season June – July
Crop Duration 90-120 Days
Average Yield 2650 kg an acre
Colour Red and Black


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