Karun Kuruvai

Karun Kuruvai
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Organic Karun Kuruvai Rice, a Reddish white colored, traditional milled rice. This raw rice is unpolished and hence it makes you fell fill quickly and end up eating less and hence good for weight management, diabetics, etc. Karunai Kuruvai Rice is grown in Tamilnadu and has attained huge popularity for it’s medicinal benefits. This rice has got a “kayakalpam” property which protects the body and strengthens the nerves. It has very high iron content.

    • It has a KAYAKALPAM property which protects our body. Siddhars use this rice variety to prepare medicines.
    • It gives enormous strength to bones
    • It boosts our body’s immune system
    • It improves sexual vigour
    • Prevents Alzeimers
Season June – July
Crop Duration 90-120 Days
Average Yield 2650 kg an acre
Colour Red


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