Sigappu Kudavaazhai

Sigappu Kudavaazhai
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Sigappu Kudavaazhai Puzhungal Rice the traditional slightly thicker red rice variety that has been in use for a long time in South India. It is considered to have been derived from two Tamil words – Kudal – Intestine and Vazha – revival or to make live. In other words, the rice variety which aids in well-being of intestines and protects against related ailments was named Kudavazhai or Kudavaalai. The ear heads of this variety appear like open umbrellas and hence the name ‘kudaivazhai’.

    • Good for Intestines
    • Cures constipation
    • Controls diabetes
Season  It is normally cultivated in Late Samba season that is September – October
Crop Duration 120-125 days. This is a short duration variety, hence it can even be cultivated thrice a year.
Colour and Quality The rice has red in colour and having the coarse quality.


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