Ottadaiyan Samba

Ottadaiyan Samba
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Ottadaiyan (orc) Samba is one of the traditional rice varieties of south India; it is cultivated Cauvery Delta districts of Tamil Nadu. After Green Revolution introduced in the 1940s, this variety has slowly disappeared and now it is cultivated by several farmers. It is yellow color rice with a dirty look, and a scarlet rice with rich medicinal value. This paddy is sown in Aadipatam and able to grow up to six inches and sustain even severe rain and flood. This varietiy of rice yield at least eighteen bundles (75 kg) of straw per acre, five times more straw than other traditional varieties.

    • Contains anti-oxidants, various minerals, amino-acids, zinc and vitamins, very nutritious, helps build stamina
    • Good for diabetic, heart ailments

Season Ottadaiyan Samba rice is generally grown in Adipattam Season that is July-August.
Crop Duration The duration of these crops are 180-200 days.
Colour and Quality The rice is red in colour.


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