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White ponni rice is one of the traditional varieties of rice cultivated in South India. Since the Kaveri is also called ‘Ponni’ in Tamil literature, the rice could have been named after the river. Also this rice variety is thin and suitable for cooking. When cooked, the rice becomes milk whitish in color. So the farmers named this variety as flowering white ponni rice. Ponni rice could be cultivated in any land, with high quality water. This rice is grown using natural farming methods without the use of pesticides, weedicide or chemical fertilizers.

    • Regularizes Immune system
    • Rich in Fibre & Gluten free
    • Lowers cholesterol
    • Controls diabetes

Season September- October
Crop Duration 135-140 Days
Average Yield 4500 Kg per Hectare
Medium Yield Tall Rice
Special features Fine grain quality Rice, Resistant to Rice Tungro Virus, Moderately resistant to Brown Spot and Blast


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