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Poongar is a treasure. It can withstand even floods and also can grow without much of water. Poongar rice is believed that during the heavy floods in 1952 this variety was able to withstand the floods and gave a reasonable yield to the farmers. This variety slowly disappeared after the introduction of modern varieties. This rice has more iron, magnesium and zinc compared to other colored grains. It has got a nutty flavor. The color of the rice is slightly reddish and the reason for that is the presence of anthocyanin in it. As the name indicates these rice are hand pounded and doesn’t involve any machines in it.

    • This Rice contains Iron, Zinc, manganese, phosphorus, molybdenum, magnesium
    • It is wonderful cure for Women’s Hormonal problems. It Enhances stamina and boosts the immune system
    • It is highly recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers, as it provides strength to the body. 
    • It strengthens the  pelvis bone
    • It will ease for normal delivery
    • Good source for breast milk secretion 

Season It is normally cultivated during Navarai (between December 15th to March 14th). It also performs well during other seasons.
Crop Duration The duration of these crops are 65-70 days.
Height It grows to a height of about 75 cm
Colour and Quality The colour of the rice is red and it has coarse grains.


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