Kanda Sali Rice

Kanda Sali Rice
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one of the traditional rice varieties of south India; it is cultivated Cauvery Delta districts of Tamil Nadu.

    • Sali rice roots aids in natural rejuvenation( Brahma Rasayana)
    • Used to cure piles and checks haemorrhoids bleeding Sali rice mixed with ghee is to skin burns applied Sali with barley cures anaemia Paste made from Sali rice with ghee used against Fractures Red Sali rice powder with milk and honey used against irregular uterine bleeding (meno- metrorrhagia).
    • Increases milk in mother Red Sali rice gruel cures pain in the head, pelvis and chest
    • Cures problem of loss of Appetite
    • Cures digestive problem

generally grown in Adipattam Season that is July-August.
Crop Duration The duration of these crops are 180-200 days.
Colour and Quality The rice is black in colour.


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